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Grant of Rights

By mailing a visual or audio-visual contribution to participate at the animago AWARD 2020, the author as well as any author individually if participating as part of a group of authors ("Author") transfers the non-exclusive, regionally, temporally and textually unlimited right of reproduction and right of distribution in the work ("Work") to GamesMarkt GmbH ("GamesMarkt") for the purpose of the animago AWARD 2020 event as well as other public performances in the scope of animago AWARD coverage.

In particular, the author grants the following rights to GamesMarkt:

(i) the right to publicly perform and to cinematographically show the Work or parts therefrom independent from the technical arrangement of the performance system in the scope of animago AWARD coverage.

(ii) the right to reproduce and distribute the Work or parts therefrom (including screenshots) in periodical or non-periodical Publications in particular in the animago AWARD 2020 special edition and in the Publication DIGITAL PRODUCTION in the scope of animago AWARD coverage.

(iii) the right to archive the Work in tangible and intangible format in the scope of animago AWARD coverage.

The author guarantees that he is legally entitled to dispose about the subject matter without limitations and free of any third party rights and that he has not and will not partly or in total dispose of any rights in the Work on an exclusive basis to any third party. The author exempts GamesMarkt from any third party claims which may be evoked in connection with rights granted under these provisions and would support GamesMarkt's defence with due care.

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